Some other fine music from the 1940s already on Guild CDs

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Some other fine music from the 1940s already on Guild CDs

All Strings And Fancy Free (Sidney Torch) GLCD5150
Carriage And Pair (Benjamin Frankel) GLCD5110
Coronation Scot (Vivian Ellis) GLCD5120
Devil's Galop (Charles Williams) GLCD5162
Down With The Curtain (Charles Shadwell) GLCD5135
Film Opens (King Palmer) GLCD5149
Glass Slipper - Overture (Clifton Parker) GLCD5107
Holiday For Strings (David Rose) GLCD5120
Horse Guards - Whitehall (Haydn Wood) GLCD5121
In Party Mood (Jack Strachey) GLCD5120
Jumping Bean (Robert Farnon) GLCD5162
London Fantasia (Clive Richardson) GLCD5120
Melody On The Move (Clive Richardson) GLCD5102
Picture Parade (Jack Beaver) GLCD5149
Portrait Of A Flirt (Robert Farnon) GLCD5120
Radio Romantic (Sidney Torch) GLCD5149
Rhythm On Rails (Charles Williams) GLCD5107
Runaway Rocking Horse (Edward White) GLCD5102
Seascape (Clifton Parker) GLCD5109
Shooting Star (Sidney Torch) GLCD5162
Television March (Eric Coates) GLCD5104
Tropical (Morton Gould) GLCD5101
Up With The Lark (Robert Busby) GLCD5150
Warsaw Concerto (Richard Addinsell) GLCD5162
Wild Goose Chase (George Crow) GLCD5115
Winter Sunshine (George Melachrino) GLCD5162

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