Boosey & Hawkes Archive Collection - 1940s

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More priceless archives are available again from Boosey & Hawkes


Last March (JIM 162) we reported on the new project by Boosey Media to make their Archives from the 1930s available once again on three CDs – CAV CD 184, 185 & 186. Tony Clayden explained that a decision had been taken by Boosey Media, with the assistance of André Leon, to return these 78s to the catalogue, with the benefit of digital sound restoration by Alan Bunting. The CDs were compiled on a numerical basis; however a few titles were omitted from the new CDs since they were already available to professional users on other Cavendish CDs. These tended to be the more familiar works, and the same applies to this latest project covering recordings made and originally released during the 1940s. Space does not permit the listing of every title on the CDs, but hopefully the following information will provide some indication of the riches now being uncovered.

CD 1 CAV CD 195: OT2001-O2018 19 orchestral tracks including Valse Serenade (Stanford Robinson), The Fairy Doll (John Ansell), Sylvia Dances (Percy Fletcher), Serenade from ‘Hassan’ (Frederick Delius), The Seafarer and Stanford Rhapsody (Haydn Wood).

CD 2 CAV CD 196: ST2028-OT2066 29 orchestral tracks including Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance (Percy Fletcher), Bird of Love Divine (Haydn Wood), Bonaventure and March of the Bowmen and Dance of an Ostracised Imp (Frederic Curzon), The Fairy and the Fiddlers and Runaway Rocking Horse (Edward White), Gaily Through the World (Alan Macbeth) and Brighton Sea Step (Jan Hurst).

CD 3 CAV CD 197: OT2067-OT2086 42 orchestral tracks including Fashion Plate & Six Marches & Six Agitatos & Six Dramatics & Six Mysteriosos (Frederic Curzon), Slavonic Scherzo (Adolf Lotter), The Windjammer Overture (John Ansell), Vanity Fair (Percy Fletcher) and A May Day Overture (Haydn Wood).

CD 4 CAV CD 198: OT2087-O2108 28 orchestral tracks including Vienna & Bandstand (Haydn Wood), Mystic Beauty & Laughing Eyes (Herman Finck), Boulevardier & Cascade & Arena (Frederic Curzon), Rodeo (Harold Ramsey), Spanish Dance Suite (Anthony Collins), Southern Love & Curtain Call (Cyril Watters) and Valse Septembre (Felix Godin).

CD 5 CAV CD 199: OT2109-O2136 30 orchestral tracks including Sombre Prelude (Frederic Curzon), Witty Witch (Herman Finck), Stealth & Mysterious March (Frederick Charrosin), Cabana (Edward White), Nocturne (Stanford Robinson), Sans Gene (Albert Cazabon) and Eros in Piccadilly (Jack Strachey).

CD 6 CAV CD 200: O2137-O2182 31 orchestral tracks including Punchinello & The Torch Bearer & Screen Preludes and End Titles (Frederic Curzon), A Street in Algiers (John Ansell), Red River Jig (Arthur Benjamin), The Roundabout & Paris Interlude (Edward White), Dance of the Three Blind Mice (Donald Thorne), Bargain Basement (Cyril Watters), Classic Event (Cecil Milner), Catalina (Allan Gray) and The Beachcomber (Clive Richardson).

CD 7 CAV CD 201: M2011-M2036 16 military band recordings including Dover Coach (Gilbert Vinter), The Britisher (Thomas Chandler) and Orpheus in the underworld (Offenbach).

CD 8 CAV CD 202: MT2050-M2167 18 military band recordings including Funeral March of a Marionette (Gounod), Bells of Ouseley (J. Ord Hume) and Instrumentalists on Parade (Joseph Skornicka).

CD 9 CAV CD 203: V2045-V2141 15 vocal recordings including An Old Violin (Howard Fisher), Friend O’ Mine & Drake Goes West (Wilfred Sanderson), One Love Forever (Kenneth Leslie Smith), The Kerry Dance (James Molloy) and One Song Is In My Heart (Henry Cripps).

This is a fascinating and rare collection of production music from a period when this area of the music scene was starting to expand rapidly as the world recovered from war.

These CDs are only available from the RFS Record Service, price £9 [US $18] each, plus postage and packing.

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