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ADDINSELL, Richard. Appreciation. 84: Sep 1986, 15.

This entry signifies that the composer Richard Addinsell was the subject of an
appreciative article in Issue No 84 of September 1986 on page 15.

ADES, David. Thoughts on Robert Farnon. 37: Dec 1972, 21.

This entry denotes that David Ades was the author of an article about Robert Farnon in Issue No 37 of December 1972 on page 21. It can also be found in the Index under Farnon, Robert.
The arrangement of entries under each heading is primarily chronological with some exceptions. The Index is neither exhaustive nor comprehensive. Contributions in lighter vein (e.g 'Jumping Bean', the crossword puzzles and the quizzes) were excluded.

The Society's Proud Record and its Journal

The Index confirms that the 'Journal into Melody' has been an excellent mirror of world-wide musical activity during the past fifty years. The Journal stands to the credit of the Robert Farnon Society which has consistently maintained its momentum and publishing record without a break since 1956. The trend continues to augur well for the future.

The Journal has been the mainstay of the Robert Farnon Society throughout these years. For members of the Society living further afield than Britain, the Journal has served as the principal link with the Robert Farnon Society. Above all, however, the 'Journal into Melody' provides a portrait of a truly great musician, Robert Farnon. There are a great many references to articles about him in the two Indexes, more than enough information to fill the pages of a large book.
The Robert Farnon Society was formed to honour Robert Farnon. Perusal of this Index confirms that the Society has succeeded in fulfilling this function with distinction.


Naomi Musiker excelled herself with her editing and immaculate typing of an often illegible and indecipherable handwriting. The latter certainly does not improve with the compiler's advancing years!

Reuben Musiker
February 2007

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