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I don't find the opening of Farnon's "Manhattan Playboy" at all atonal - the very first sound is the actual keynote or tonic chord of the piece, followed by a number of harmonic sequences that eventually land us home. There are a number of far reaching harmonic digressions in the course of the piece, but nothing whatever to cause us to lose our bearings.

The theme from Raksin's "The Bad and the Beautiful" is quite tonally based in the key of A Flat Major as we customarily hear it (with little otherwise in common with Farnon's piece which is of a totally different ilk. I am offhandedly familiar with three instrumental versions of this theme: the one by David Rose that Bob is referring to here, which is far and away for me the best one, another by Victor Young, which is decent but does not draw me in as does the Rose version, and finally, the double length one by Percy Faith, outwardly the most spectacular but nevertheless still not offering the same emotional fulfillment that for me the Rose version offers.

I will add here that this selection originally was released as a single with the flip side featuring another cinematic theme, "Return to Paradise," authored by I forget which name; but here too, I find the Rose version to be the best amongst a group of many.

David Rose really outdid himself in these arrangements and a few others I could name, and be it noted, without any reference to his alleged "trademark" of pizzicato strings that Bob often refers to, yet still recognizably Rose's in a more subtle sense.

For once, Bob and I are at one regarding the virtues of a selection that he is writing about.