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'Copper Concerto' also contains a very brief 'quote' from the song 'Three O'Clock In The Morning'. A very clever arrangement indeed.

'Les Jeux' ['Playing'] is, in fact one of a suite of pieces entitled 'Five Sketches From Life'. As far as I know, the only other movement that has ever been recorded is 'Vision d'Amour' ['Loving']

The other three are 'Walking', 'Eating' and 'Thinking', but I have never actually heard any of these.

The more I hear of Melachrino's arrangements and compositions, the more convinced I am of his brilliance.

It is no surprise that he achieved great success in the States - in fact much of his output on records was specifically produced for the US market.

GM's tragic death at such an early age robbed the world of Light Music of a formidable talent. We are, however, fortunate that he left such a large recorded legacy.

Tony Clayden