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Excellent account of its history and information about it. I am familiar with both the original and the Harry James version.

As for the original, I like to think of it as an interlude or middle movement between two faster ones, as with "The Three Elizabeths'' (in my humble opinion Coates' masterpiece). I would think that there are other faster selections that it could be combined with (such as "London Bridge" which could be the concluding number of a three movement suite) to form a full entity, although I know that many would prefer to keep it in the format that they are familiar with, as a free standing movement.

I am certain that there are other performances besides that by Mackerras that are just as effective in conveying the innate qualities of this piece. But I would like to simply conclude by saying that Bob Walton has here given us one of his finest analyses that I've yet read, and would give it special kudos.